Selection ProcessHow we pick our teachers

Who you’re getting

When you partner with LLN, you’re not just getting a fill-in teacher but a stand-out in the industry. With dedication, experience, and commitment to their students, our teachers have the full background necessary to get the job done.

How we choose our teachers

We interview and assess all teachers before they join our nationwide network. Then, we match our teachers with our partner schools—only after considering numerous factors such as partner schools’ requirements and requests, grade levels, language, class level, cultural fitness, and more.

That’s why we never match our teachers and partners at random. We believe that our language programs only succeed when we know that our teachers and partners are a perfect fit.

Frequently Asked Questions About LLN's Teaching Team


Are LLN's teachers certified?

We have a vast pool of teachers and work closely with each teacher to ensure that they meet our partner schools' certification requirements.


Does LLN conduct background checks on its teachers?

Absolutely! Background checks are an integral part of our hiring process.


Does LLN provide training and support for its teachers?

Yes, we offer comprehensive training and ongoing support for all of our teachers.


Do LLN teachers follow state standards?

Yes, LLN teachers align their instruction with state and content area-specific standards, such as ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages).


Do LLN teachers engage in professional development?

Yes, LLN teachers participate in professional development programs developed and facilitated by LLN.


Can LLN partner schools meet their assigned LLN teachers?

Yes, partner schools can meet their teachers before they begin classroom assignments.

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